Wood Farm Primary School

Reception Bees Class 2023

Hello everyone, I am Miss Jenkins and I am the teacher in Bees class. I am so happy that I get to be your first teacher at big school.

You will have so much fun learning many new things each day. Reception is definitely the best year at school! We are very lucky as we have our own special garden which we spend lots of time in. 

I can’t wait to get to know you more and here are a few facts about me: 

  • I am a twin. 
  • I love going to new places and in the summer, I always go camping. 
  • I love spending time outside, even when it’s rainy! 
  • I am not actually from Oxford, I am from a place called Folkestone which is by the sea. 
  • I am a qualified scuba diver. 
  • I go on a lot of walks, I’ve even walked up the highest mountain in England! 

As you know we will be in the Bees class and here are some fun facts about Bees: 

  • Bees look out for each other and work together like 1 big family 
  • They are important 
  • They are social  
  • They are hard working 

And that is what it’s like to be a Bee in our class! You might be feeling a bit nervous about joining school and that’s okay, I sometimes get nervous too. But in the Bees class we all look out for each other and you will make many new friends. I know we will have an amazing year together full of learning and laughs. 

Have a super summer and I’ll see you soon!