Wood Farm Primary School

Corona Virus Information

This page contains current information about Coronavirus (Covid-19) and how we are responding to the pandemic.  We'll add to it as more information as it becomes available, so do check back. Note: some of these links take you to external sites, for which we don't have control of contents).

What people should do if they have symptoms of Covid-19: Advice from the UK government

What to do if you might have Covid-19: Advice from the NHS

See information about current Covid-19 case rates in Oxford


Read our Remote Learning Plan

Read our current Covid-19 Risk Assessment


Web icon Set up your broadband / devices to protect children from harmful content: helpful advice

Contacting your child's teacher

Parents can contact their child's class teacher directly by email:



R, Miss Kemp



R, Miss Jenkins



Y1, Miss Pallant



Y1, Miss Yardy



Y2, Miss Key



Y2, Miss Payne



Y3, Mrs Brady



Y3, Mr Martin



Y4, Miss Thomas



Y4, Miss Werrell



Y5, Mr Stanton



Y5, Mr Schjelde



Y6, Mr Payne


Y6, Miss Fellows


My child has Covid-19 symptoms, what do I do?

If your child is unwell with Covid symptoms they must stay home until recovered.

The symptoms are a high temperature, a continuous cough, loss/change of sense of taste or smell. Children with a high temperature must stay at home and not come to school until they are better. Make sure you tell us that your child has possible Covid-19 symptoms.  If your child has taken a covid test let us know the result.

My child has tested positive for Covid-19, what do I do?

If your child has tested positive for Covid-19 they must isolate at home for at least the three days following the test, and until they are better and don't have a raised temperature.

My child seems fine but I think I might have Covid symptoms.  What do I do?

Your child can carry on coming to school, but please watch carefully for any signs of them developing Covid-19. If your child starts to develop cold-like symptoms after being a contact with you they might well have Covid-19: please consider testing your child for Covid-19.



Updated November 2023