Wood Farm Primary School

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is a sum of money given to schools to support the learning of, and to improve life chances for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The amount of money provided to each school is calculated by the government according to different factors, including how many children in a school qualify for free school meals, or are in public care.

How we use Pupil Premium funding

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For the school year 2018/9 we received £184,573 in Pupil Premium funding.  By July 2018 there were 145 children in our school eligible for Pupil Premium funding, which is around 40% of our school (compared to the figure for all Oxfordshire of 27.6%).

We use our Pupil Premium funding in three main ways:

  • To provide additional teaching and tuition - for example by employing additional teachers, an additional Learning Mentor for children, 1:1 tutors and specialists in mathematics and English, and by developing the use of individual computer-based learning to support children with their reading and maths
  • To improve attendance, and offer a healthy start to the day, by providing a subsidised Breakfast Club
  • To increase opportunities and improve engagement in learning by providing exciting and motivating curriculum opportunities, and by supporting children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in residential activities

PDF icon Read our Pupil Premium Strategy document for 2019/20

The impact of our use of Pupil Premium funding last year

Children who qualify for the Pupil Premium achieve exceptionally well at Wood Farm School.  Year 6 assessments (May 2019) show that:

  • Children at Wood Farm School who come from deprived backgrounds reach levels of attainment in English and Mathematics well above that of other children in England from similar backgrounds.
  • Children from deprived backgrounds in our school reach standards by the end of Year 6 that are  or above those of children from better-off backgrounds nationally in reading, and close to them in writing and in mathematics.
  • Children from deprived backgrounds in our school make much faster progress, and reach higher standards in English and maths than most children across England do.
  Reading  Writing Mathematics 
  % reaching expected standard
Wood Farm School - children from deprived backgrounds  77  77  77
England - children from deprived backgrounds 62 68 67
England - all children 73 78 79
England - children not eligible for Pupil Premium 78 83 84